Toddzilla’s Bar Pizza Recipe

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This recipe comes from Todd Mead, aka ToddZilla, A Raynham native now living in Colorado. Todd is working on converting a large RV into a bar pizza truck to bring delicious South Shore Bar Pizza out west. You can follow his progress here at ToddZilla’s South Shore Pizza Project.

For a complete list of everything you need to make south shore bar pizza at home, visit my buyers guide here.

Todd has also put the time into making a nice instructional video that you can watch right here. Happy pizza making!

Toddzilla’s South Shore Bar Pizza Recipe Instructional Video
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Toddzilla’s Bar Pizza Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 24 hour Cook Time 12 min Total Time 24 hrs 12 mins Servings: 4


Todzilla's South Shore Bar Pizza Recipe 

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  1. Put yeast, water, sugar, corn oil and melted butter in a bowl.  Whisk briefly and allow to sit for 5 minutes.

  2. Add flour and salt.  Mix with dough hook until everything is integrated and has formed a ball (about a minute and half med-low speed)

  3. Coat with oil and place in gallon ziplock or dough bin in fridge for at least 24 hours

  4. Pull dough out at least 1 hour before proofing in oven, or 3 hours before if proofing at room temperature.  

  5. Divide the dough into four 6.5oz. portions, flatten them a bit, put them in pans oiled with 2 tsp. of corn oil
  6. Let them rise in the pans for 1/2 hour in the oven on "proof" or until nearly double in size at room temperature
  7. Pan them out all the way and proof them for another 1/2 hour in the oven or until they have visibly risen again at room temperature.

  8. Flatten and deflate the dough with your hands and make rows of tiny holes with your fingernails (about every inch so it looks like a golfball). You're ready for assembly!


  1. Put all ingredients in blender and blend just until broken down and integrated (about 10-20 seconds)

  2. Use about 1/3c of sauce per 10" pizza
  3. This will make about 10 pizzas depending on how much sauce you like


  1. Shred 1 lb. Sharp Cheddar and 1/2 lb. Mozzarella and mix to combine. (2:1)

  2. Use roughly one very large handful of cheese blend per pizza
  3. Add desired toppings 


  1. Preheat oven to 500 convection with pizza stones laid on racks (Todd uses four 12" granite tiles) for roughly 1 hour

  2. Place pans on tiles and bake for 12 minutes (longer for non convection ovens)

  3. Remove pizza from pan with a peel and check bottom for golden brown color.  Remove pizza from pan and place directly on stones for 2 minutes if needed.  Cheese and light toppings are usually done, heavier/wetter toppings usually require more time

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    1. The town spa family,(daughter) tried the Spa’s recipe in the Bahama’s. Flopped. One reason is the water. Even in the same country, water changes the taste of everything. Ask Coors beer, who opened a brewery in Virginia, only to see sales plummet, because the taste changed. Good luck.

      1. It could also be that different markets appreciate different kinds of pizza.

        Just take anywhere in Florida for example. The pizza is 99% sh!t. I’m sure countless North Easterners have gone down their wide eyed thinking they’d make a $1,000,000,000 selling NY Pies or something akin to Regina/Santarpios only to lose their pants.

        It was probably more that Bahamians didn’t like Bar Pie.

  1. Thanks! Would be improved recipes with baking percentages, they true pizza makers will appreciate. Alas, I’ll do some math.

  2. Have you tried this recipe with bread flour? I’ve mastered the other south shore bar pizza recipe and decided I prefer it with bread flour instead of AP. Just curious if it will play in this recipe too, I don’t see why not? I’ll try it as written first though, I’m digging the bulk ferment and second rise in the pan idea.

  3. I been using this recipe for a month or so. I can’t find a single thing to change. It’s better than many top SSBP restaurants. The only change I have made is that I’m cooking at 550, no stones or anything else in the oven. The corn oil does make a difference. Also, I was able to grab some cup and char pepperoni that a friend ordered online, love it, gets me that much closer to authentic. Would love to share the pic. Thanks again for sharing this recipe!

  4. Does this dough freeze well? My husband is a Brockton native and his late father actually worked at Tip Top. I grew up on Neapolitan pizza, I’d love to freeze several crust to be able to make when he wants it as I do with the Neapolitan crust.

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