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Mike and Lenny’s Bar Pizza

Taking bar pizza out of the bar and on the road..

Edit to original story. Mike and Lenny’s Bar Pizza Truck and now fully operation and taking bookings. You can contact them here. https://www.mikeandlennys.com/book-now

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Mike and Lenny’s mission to turn a 16′ trailer into a Bar Pizza truck is moving right along.. Their story is one of many amazing pizza stories to come out of this pandemic. Mike grew up on the South Shore eating bar pizza and worked in food service for 17+ years.  His passion for food was always there and he always wanted to do something on his own someday.

mike and lenny pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni Bar Pizza

Before COVID struck, Mike had begun messing around making pizzas at home to try and emulate the unique South Shore Bar Pizza he grew up on.  He shared pictures online with the South Shore Bar Pizza Social Club when Lenny saw them and was intrigued.  Lenny is from Johnston, RI and had never heard of bar pizza before.  “We got together and starting making pizza together” (Lenny) .  Lenny has always been a foodie but his focus quickly shifted to perfecting his own bar pizza at home.  

mike lenny bar pizza roni jalepeno
Chopped Roni and Jalapeño

Bar Pizza Pub Crawls

“We eventually decided to go do a bar pizza crawl and go check out a handful of places and do some wacky video reviews on them.  Boy did we get a surprise when the responses online went through the roof for us to do more reviews and even open a spot to sell our own pizzas!!”

mike and lenny bar pizza perfect laced cheese
OG Cheese with Laced Crust

Their kickstarter has now exceeded it’s $11,000 goal and Mike and Lenny’s bar pizza truck is set to be up and running by early summer 2021. They will be operating on weekends in spots around Rhode Island and Southeastern MA. And judging by the looks of the pizzas they have posted on instagram, I cannot wait! You can follow Mike and Lenny on Instagram and Facebook for progress updates on their trailer build.

Mike and Lenny’s Bar Pizza Instagram

Mike and Lenny’s Bar Pizza Facebook

Mike and Lenny’s Kickstarter Campaign

mike and lenny bar pizza pickle pastrami
O’Tooles Inspired Pastrami and Pickle

If you would like to do your own Bar Pizza Pub Crawl check out these recommended tours here.

If you would like to learn how to make your own homemade bar pizza check out this south shore bar pizza recipe.

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