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The Best Pizza Cutters on the Internet right now

I’ve seen lots of pizza cutters come and go, and although I love my big old trusty pizza knife, sometimes you just want to razzle dazzle your pizza friends with a sweet new pizza cutter. The most popular types of pizza cutters are wheel cutters and rockers. I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest pizza cutters I’ve come across yet. These will all work well cutting your homemade bar pizzas. They are fun to have and make great gifts too!

Bicycle Pizza Cutters

also known as the “pie-cycle”

piecycle bicycle pizza cutter barpizza

The Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

This one is my favorite, also makes a cool fathers day gift!

skill saw circular saw bar pizza wheel cutter

The Harley Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

The Most Macho Way To Slice Your Pizza Ever Invented. Ideal For Chopping Your Pizza Any Way You Wish.

harley motorcycle pizza cutter pizza wheel barpizza

The Wooden Axe Pizza Cutter

Axe Pizza Cutter brings the outdoors to your kitchen!

wooden axe pizza cutter barpizza wheel cutter

The Piranha Pizza Wheel

piranha pizza cutter fish cutter shark cutter barpizza

Rubberized Grip Pizza Wheel

Other pizza cutters push the hot cheese and toppings around because they’re dull. The razor-sharp stainless steel removable blade on this ingenious pizza slicer effortlessly cuts through the thickest crusts and pizza toppings like they’re butter.

rubber grip pizza wheel cutter barpizza

Double Handle Pizza Rocker

This pizza cutter does not only cut your pizza into slices. Rather this chef pizza cutter helps you out by making dices of vegetables, herbs, fruits, brownies, cheeses, and many more.

double handle pizza rocker cutter barpizza sharp

Exotic Wood Grip Small Pizza Cutter

Colored wood with stand, has a 6 inch 440 Stainless Steel Blade

exotic wood handle pizza cutter barpizza

This Game of thrones looking handmade iron forged butchers knife

This is just a cool looking knife, works great when cutting your bar pizzas on a wooden pizza peel. handmade forged from high carbon steel and high manganese steel. It is not made of stainless steel, so after each use, you may need keep it clean and dry to resist rust. But high carbon steel has a better ability to maintain sharp edges than stainless steel. It will assist you with every perfect cut

Ancient Manual Forging Chefs Knife Butcher Knives pizza cutter barpizza

And.. Although this is not a pizza cutter I felt it neccessary to make sure everyone is aware of this… behold The Gratiator

Grating cheese does not need to be a battle, but it can be an adventure with this handy little sword! Gratiator is perfect for grating hard cheeses, nutmeg, dark chocolate, lemon rinds, ginger and other hard vegetables with ease

sword cheese grator gratiator pizza cheese barpizza

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