Laced Edges burnt crust plain cheese bar pizza homemade

In the world of South Shore Style Bar Pizza you are going to hear a lot about laced and burnt edges. They are both the same thing, but it depends on what bar your’re at. If you are at the world famous Lynwood, you better call it Laced. If you are at Cape Cod Cafe, its burnt crust. As for the other guys, they all know what you’re asking for..

It’s all a result of the tomato sauce and cheddar cheese caramelizing against the edges of the 10″ bar pan when cooked at 500 degrees or more, creating that signature black “lace” around the pizza.

How to Create Thick Burnt Edges for your Homemade Bar Pizza

Getting a thick laced edge on your homemade bar pizza is quite simple.

1) Oil your pan or else it’s all going to stick and your pizza will have no edges left. Make sure edges are oiled too.

2) Push your homemade bar pizza dough all the way to edge of pan, pinching edges to form a crust.

Homemade Bar Pizza Dough Thick Burnt Crust

3) Spread crushed tomato sauce all the way to edge, use back of spoon to make sure the sauce gets in there good.

4) Spread your cheese blend over pizza, placing a little extra cheese along edge of pan at the crust.

5) Cook pizza as usual, peel out of pan with a skinny spatula, enjoy!

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