Have you ever found this secret hidden bar tucked away inside Disney’s Polynesian resort? Here is a sneak peak at the menu!

The front page of the Menu has a message from “Skip”, translation below…

Aloha, ahoy, aha!

Welcome to the mystery, romance and adventure of Trader Sam’s Grog Gotto ..you lucky people, you.

Many years ago, legendary explorer Trader Sam was bitten by the bartending bug (initially we thought it was just a big mosquito).

Same Set sail and searched the Amazon, Congo, Vulcania, Polynesia, and every exotic locale in -between for ingredients to mix into these magical libations. Along the way, collecting many of the items you see around you – souvenirs and gifts from all over the globe.

Upon landing here, on the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon, our seafaring friend established this happy hideaway for all to enjoy.

So welcome aboard..ashore..or wherever you are! Cheers! Cowabunga! Tulleeho! Kanpai! Suck ’em up! Kungaloosh! And above all, relax and enjoy the time you spend with us here at the world-famous Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.


Head Mechanic & Drink Slinger, Jungle Navigational Company Ltd.

p.s. It is taboo when toucan drink from the same straw.

p.p.s. Steer clear of the tottering columns and thirsty cephalopods.

Here is a downloadable PDF scan

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